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Hardwork…..How do your kids see it?

Ask yourself, what do my kids think hard work is?  This is a question I was pondering last summer.  When dad heads off to work, do they really know I work hard, or do they assume I do because I told them so.  As a social worker by trade, not many of the social ills I face on the daily can or do come home with me.  This inevitably leaves me at a loss when trying to educate my kids on what it is to work hard.   Then, one day last spring, I got this crazy idea to build the kids a playhouse for our backyard.  This playhouse had to be big and the kids had to help.  So, after searching online for some plans and pictures, and locating a gently used slide we were off!  After two weeks of cutting, drilling, screwing, and basically waiting for my NiCad batteries to charge we had a playhouse!  What happened next was the real treat; my kids wanted more.  Not more Playhouses, but more builds.  So, we set off on some new projects, and one by one their zest for what dad would come up with next was reaching a fiery pitch.  Each project brought lessons on hard work, precision, dedication and even money management.   Each project also turned this regular Ginger dad into a super hero.  I started hearing things like “dad can build that” or “dad can fix that”.  Its then when I realized, that not only did my kids get to make memories on a cool playhouse, but they were learning first hand with their own eyes what hard work was.  Hard work no longer meant that dad was away from them, rather it meant that we earned what we built with our sweat, smashed fingers, and splinters. 


  1. Debbie Rein

    You are inspiring so many by what you are doing, but best of all, you are inspiring your children through real-life and that’s what will stick with them forever! Life sometimes gets busy and we go through days wondering if we’re leaving a mark…an impression…for generations to come. As I read your first blog, I was extremely moved by your words, because they come from deep in your heart and soul. I am very proud of what you have accomplished so far, my ginger boy. Building a great work ethic comes from viewing hard work being done by example, then doing by example, and then being the example by passing it on. The playhouse is such a great analogy for hard work and play becoming one…in such a meaningful way. It has brought you and the kids into this grand adventure….not unlike Winnie the Pooh, who always learns to persevere and make it through. I believe this life lesson will live on in the kids and their kids some day. Hard work is glorious when it completes a task or makes you feel accomplished. You have done both, I suspect with some surprise to yourself. God has a plan Rob and if we trust it is so, we cannot go wrong. Love you!

  2. Cheryl Heintz

    Your example will live with them and move on to your grandchildren. A legacy of love that no man can take away.

  3. Bob Rein

    God’s gift to Dad’s is having children. It’s Dad’s responsibility to set the foundation for their life. It saddens me today to see the number of fatherless families in our country. Too many dad’s talk about what, how, & why you should act the way you should act as a child. They all to offen forget to remember there are always a set of eyes watching and learning by your actions, good, bad or indifferent. Sometimes as a dad you wonder if anything sinks in. As the years past by you see little things as a dad that makes think ” boy he/she really did listen to what you were trying to teach. Every dad needs to realize that those seeds that were planted don’t germinate on your time table. God has a plan for everyone and it’s on his time table. You have blossomed into a great man, husband & father and I’m so very proud of that.

    To every dad out there please remember that when the time comes to meet your Maker you will be judged by his rules of life, being a good husband, father and friend. You won’t be judged on your bank account, status or how many toys you have.


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