Sponges Aren’t Just For Dishes Anymore

Raise your hand if you are sick of cutting sandpaper to fit your sanding block, or a 2 x 4 that you’ve fashioned into a DIY sanding block. The struggle we all have is that the paper rips after about three seconds. Enter sanding sponges. I use the Gator Finishing line myself. Mostly because they hold up longer, offer a protective coating which stands up to the heat of sanding, and they don’t offer those silly honeycomb shapes that another nameless brand patented. Speaking of that honeycomb shape, I prefer my sanding to be even and seamless, which you get with Gator sponges. They have an angled edge which is helpful in reaching those tough spots deep in the corner. One of my favorite uses of the sponges are for smaller, more delicate projects that lend themselves to more careful sanding. I have been working on a custom display box that presented me with the need for Gator sponges. I didn’t think going at it with a beastly orbital sander was going to leave my piece happily smooth. If you have seen these sponges in any of my pictures or Instagram stories and are wondering where to pick them up, I will end the blog with some places you can find them. As always, if you are not certain about where you can find these products or wish they were available in your area, make sure to send Gator Finishing a message on Instagram!


Happy Sanding.


Gator Finishing products are available at:

Ace Hardware

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