Router magic

When I get new tools, the first thing I do is watch endless YouTube videos by guys like Adam at LazyGuyDIY and Zach over at Southern Ginger Workshop to figure out what sort of cool things I can do with them. One of the most recent adds to my tool collection is a Compact Router, which I like to use for making signs. So, why not share the fun and give you all some tips on using your shiny new compact Router. Go grab yourself a 1/8 inch by 3/8 inch Carbide Straight Router bit at Home Depot for about 18 bucks (plus tax) and let’s get carving!


1. Insert the bit so you have about 1/4 inch in depth for cut.

2. Print a sweet image on your everyday, handy-dandy printer.

3. Glue the image onto your surface using Titebond wood glue, let sit a few hours, preferably overnight. (leaving it sit will allow the glue to fully set, thus avoiding parts of your image from ripping off)

4. Using your compact router with your bit already set, trace the image with your router, counter clockwise to keep it nice and clean (as always, make sure to use your favorite goggles for protection).

5. After you have finished routing out your image, use 60 grit sand paper (I prefer Gator Finishing) to remove the remaining glue and paper.

6. Clean out the image using a small chisel.

7. Grab a handy can of black/dark colored spray paint and spray the image.

8. Once the paint is dry, remove the excess paint on the surface with 60 grit sand paper.

9. Once you have sanded the sign, stain, paint, or finish it to your desired preference!


*Bonus step: Tag @GingerWoodWorks in a post with your finished product so I can check out your efforts!

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