Everything that happens inside the Ginger Work Shop, on the pages of this blog, or on my Social Media sites is about using what has been given to me to be the best influencer I can be.   That said, let’s talk about the Ginger Jar.  For a while now, I have been sure that my table saw, a blessing in itself was overdue to be upgraded.  As projects grow, opportunities arise to try new things and with that the need for better tools becomes inevitable.   As a father and husband, I couldn’t just swing for the fences and drop $500 on the saw I have landed on, the Ridgid JobSite table saw.   So, with being an influencer in the back of my mind, I decided it was time to influence my kids by letting them see me save up to get that saw.  I wanted a real tangible chance to show my kids how to earn what is important to them.  As a parent in 2017, you don’t always get real life chances to teach your kids skills that school wont.  Skills that they will need today, tomorrow and forever.  I plopped a picture of the saw on the front of a Mason Jar and put that jar in my shop.  My kids asked what it was and I told them.  Now, with every passing day they ask me how much is in there, when will you get that saw dad.  I am pretty sure they don’t care one bit about that saw, but they see how I am getting it done.  So far, in this past week there have been a number of blessings that headed my way, and into that jar.  I have a list, ill be sure to tell you all the full story of how that jar got filled.  But, for now be an influencer, don’t let the chances you have go unused.  Below is the link to the saw that I am saving for, maybe you too want to start your jar!

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