To Haiti and Beyond…

Influence can be defined simply as having an impact on someones character or behavior. Each post that comes from me through any of my feeds is carefully considered. I consider what brands I partner with, the language I chose to use, and the message I wish to convey. That being said, Gingerwoodworks swag has always placed my heart in a proverbial pickle.

For a while now I have resisted the urge to create and promote Gingerwoodworks swag. I didn’t want to make money selling various swag. All that changed in January when I realized that I could support my oldest sons Mission Trip to Haiti with any profit from the swag. You see, in June of 2019 our son, along with a group of High School Students from The Chapel at Crosspoint will be headed to Haiti.

Each dollar from the Bonfire campaigns in January and February has already been committed to funding his trip. Each dollar raised from the sale of Shirts through Joysofthread will also be used to fund his trip.

That being said I have also worked within the community of makers as best as I could to ensure the swag being made was also a blessing to a fellow maker. Below are a few links to some swag that has been created with my logo on it. Each item can be purchased through these talented makers and will only serve to profit these makers or at this time my sons Mission Trip to Haiti this summer.

In closing today I urge you all to spend your days using the influence you have to do great things. Be safe out there!

Rusty River Leather has created this wonderful Leather Logo Mug
Joysofthread has created this wonderful T-shirt also available in a Tank $10 from each shirt going towards my sons Mission Trip
Mancrafting has created these sweet Yeti mugs as well, which $5 of each will go towards my sons Missions trip

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