Diablo Unplugged at STAFDA recap

When Freud asked me to be a part of their Diablo Unplugged event at the STAFDA convention I knew it was gonna be a rocking event. Then we showed up and in typical Nashville style they had live music welcoming us through the doors. The party didn’t end there as we were quickly surrounded by current and upcoming Freud/Diablo blades and bits. Full Disclosure, this was a paid trip, however the observations below are mine.

The second the mic turned on there was one thing that Freud made clear, the end user was the priority. Freud’s staff made it clear that quality, precision, value, and high end metal tech was going to rule 2020 across their brand.

First we got to see the new Speed Demon Self Feeding bits as they ripped through pressure treated lumber like butter. When put to the test against a competitors bits, these bits not only finished the job faster, the cut was crisp, and had little battery draining bogging down.

Next up, Diablo saw a need and met that need with a 6 1/2 Steel Demon blade with Cermet Carbide teeth. Recognizing that a large portion of today’s circular saws are 6 1/2 inches, they are giving us a new blade with up to 250x more cuts then the typical 4′ grinding wheel and all for around $30.

Speaking of dollars, throughout the Freud event it was evident that providing the end user with quality cutting tools at a price that’s far superior to the current options was high on their priority list. Their new blades will perform remarkably better, while costing only a small fraction more than their current blades.

Diablo closed the event with a huge surprise, the new Rebar Demon a full Carbide tipped line of 27 different sized concrete bits. With a torch handy, they spent time heating their new bits to simulate long term use. Having heated their new bit and a competitors bit, the competitors bit couldn’t even get off the ground as it essentially disintegrated. Current bits are not fully carbide, which means they heat up or hit rebar and break. These full carbide bits then proceeded to buzz through the concrete and rebar to finish the job!

Stay tuned for an impressive line up in 2020! Below are a couple links to some content I got when I was at this event!

Diablo Unplugged Photos

Diablo Speed Demon bits in use

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