Hulk Smash!

For the better part of 2019 I’ve been using the Crescent Tools Shockforce tape measure. In particular the Nite Eye model. Over the summer, I beat it up pretty good with some outdoor projects like a big deck build and my kitchen Remodel. Throughout the last 7 months or so my tape has continued to be accurate, hold up to drops, bad weather, and consistent use.

When Crescent tools reached out to me this fall about partnering up to use this tape to its full potential, I could only think of one way to really test this tape out. I was going to smash it, bash it, run it over with my truck and launch it towards the sun, and see what happens.

First up, I decided that I needed to put it through the my kid/ the Newby left my tape on the ground and the boss ran it over with his truck test. Knowing that Crescent Tools is marketing this Tape for its toughness, I ran it over, and over, and over. In fact, I did this 5 times in the gravel of my parking pad. In addition to this link to an Instagram post I did, there are a series of Story Highlights on my profile showing some other unfortunate run ins with my truck. To put it simply, not only did the tape survive, except for some substantial dirt the Shockforce held up with little damage.

Next, since i don’t actually live in a 100 foot tall home, I drove to my kids school and spent about 15 minutes launching the tape into the air. Im pretty sure that the custodial staff must have gotten a kick out of the parking lot footage Monday morning. After about 10 tosses of varying height, once again the Crescent Tools Shockforce was bruised but not beaten. I did have to straighten the corner of the clip from one of the smashes, but that tape is still fully functional and in my tool bag. In the above mentioned story highlights, you can also see me tossing the tape a couple times.

Finally, I spent this last weekend installing a shiplap wall at my buddies house and took that same tape with me. The tape itself, still completely unharmed and fully functional continues to impress, all 25 feet of it.

While in Nashville last month at the STAFDA convention myself and a few other makers, content creators and Pros did have a chance to talk with Crescent Reps for a bit about this tape. We offered a few ideas on how to make this tape the a bit better, including a protective coating on the tape itself to reduce scratching of the numbers and ultimately making it difficult to read. This can be considered nit picking, but we all love the durability and brilliant colors of the tape enough to want to see this be the preferred tape amongst Pros and DIYers alike.

Check out the Crescent Tool Shockforce here

Are you a Microwave Maker or a Crockpot Creator?

Guy walks into a bar, sees an unfamilar pretty girl, sits down next to pretty girl, and asks her to marry him. We all know how this story ends, with a laugh and hopefully not a restraining order.

That said, let’s talk about something everyone asks about, brand relations. How does one strike up a conversation with brands that we all see when we walk into Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Does it look like the guy walking into the bar or is there more to it? To figure this out, let’s talk a little bit about life and meal prep.

From day one of Gingerwoodworks my goal was to be me, in all the oddly unique ways that God has put me together and shaped me. I never dreamt of anything more than simply to showing my kids how to work hard, set goals and achieve them. Success here for me is defined simply by remaining true to whom I was from Day one.

I wanted to become what I Like to refer to as a “Crockpot Creator”, placed on simmer and slowly taking in all of the various flavors of social media. I wanted to always be trying new things, exploring my talents, finding my areas for growth, and ensuring I was working to grow them. I wanted to build relationships with other makers, understand what makes them tic. I wanted to engage with brands, understand what their story was and the direction they were headed.

I always wanted to avoid being a “Microwave Maker” who was here today, gone tomorrow. Quick to interact with a brand, and even quicker to move on to another. Much like a microwave, used for convience and a quick meal. It is not in me to be in a space such as social media without building relationships with other makers and brands on a personal level.

All that to say this, when it comes to partnering with brands, do a few things for yourself right now.

  1. Identify who you are and the direction you want to take your pages
  2. Research the brands that you are spending money on and commit to building relationships with them the old fashion way, using their products.
  3. Focus on becoming a “Crockpot Creator” not a “Microwave Maker

In the end, the guy at the bar could have introduced himself in so many more ways. Taking a chance that the person he was is what she was looking for. Work on figuring out who you are, because when you begin a relationship with a brand they want to know its the right fit and you are here for the long haul.